From doomsday to rainbows & unicorns

  • So, as i was reflecting on the past few years of my life today, I realized that I have changed as a person in so many ways and found it quite comical, actually. You see, my ex-wife used to accuse me of living in rainbow and unicorn land as opposed to the "real" one that she was living in. I see now that she was right then and more so now! I had a tendency to not worry about things as much and I didn't concern myself with other peoples opinions of me or how I conducted my life. I tried to always look for the bright side and have faith that things would always work out. 
     I started my "survival skills" journey  in part, because of the doomsday prepper hype and because it was a natural calling for outdoor adventure and a change in direction for my life.  I had lost my dad to cancer , my son had just completed boot camp in the Marine Corps ( a proud moment!) and my wife had left me.
    ​  Along the way I have learned many many things and have witnessed a change in my personality, attitude, my interaction with others and the way I see the world around me.
      When my dad was diagnosed, I began to research natural remedies and stumbled onto information that confirmed my suspicions that cancer was not as incurable as it seemed. I found that the FDA had ran people out of the country that had been curing people for years and this infuriated me. ( Rene Caisse, Gersen Method, etc.) I studied treatments and tried things for myself and attempted to teach my dad about them but, he was old school and only believed what the doctors were telling him and ultimately lost his battle. 
     So, having this new interest in natural healing was the beginning of a new journey into wild edibles, raw foods, natural fermented foods, medicines and a more natural way of life. My time in the woods of Missouri, the deserts of Arizona and the jungles of Costa Rica have helped me to achieve leaps and bounds in my own personal growth and healing. I have been nurtured by nature, wrapped in her bosom, drank from her streams, calmed by the sounds of the gentle waters as they cascade over rocks. I have listened quietly to the toucan and macaw and felt a calm peace like I had never known yet, it felt so natural.
     I discovered that true healing encompasses every aspect of self, mind, body, and spirit. For instance, if we do not process emotions properly they can manifest as a physical ailment or disease. Everything is energy, it is either positive or negative and what you give attention to grows. I won't go into all of the details here but, there have been many scientific experiments on quantum physics that prove that everything is made up of energy at its subatomic level and we are all connected. Did you know that water has memory? It has all been compiled in a book called "The Field" written by Lynne Mctaggart. 
  •  In nature everything finds balance. When we are balanced we are in harmony. When our body is in harmony with itself, it is able to maintain optimum health. Our body is designed to be its own doctor. We have only to learn to listen to it and get out of its way.
     We humans living in our modern society are not living a "natural" existence. We are treading water in an artificial atmosphere searching for that which will make us whole but, we don't know what it is.
     We are taught to work hard to make money to buy things and the more things we have somehow, validates our existence but, we are still unhappy and incomplete. Many times this emptiness can lead to feelings of failure, low self worth and possible self sabotaging behaviors such as over eating, hoarding, cheating on spouses, alcohol and/or drug abuse, gambling or any one of an endless number of other addictions. I saw evidence of this when I worked in the mental health business as well as in my personal life.
      My search for enlightenment has led me to study on some of the lost teachings of Jesus, the Gnostic gospels, the Gospel of Thomas, the Book of Enoch, similarities of ancient cultural beliefs, Hinduism, Buddhism, shamanism and the like. Now, I have not read all of these books through and through, some of them I have only researched in blocks of information or references. One of the most profound and interesting books I did read was "Autobiography of a Yogi"
  • Another source of great influence for me has been from Dr. Wayne Dyer's book " Wishes Fulfilled".
  • ​Now, understand, I don't just believe everything I read without first doing some personal experimenting or doing comparisons from multiple sources. Having said that, I can assure you that I have had some profound personal experiences in the realm of spirituality, exploration of the quantum world, Qigong, meditation, ethereal energies and law of attraction.

  •  I have had many experiences with groups of like minded people in primitive environments living a more natural existence. I'm talking about people who are the most friendly and non judgmental beings I have ever met. I fell into a trance like state during the chanting and drumming as we danced around the flames of the long fire, the group synchronized as a solitary shared heart beat. It was spectacular! The friendships I made there will last my lifetime. The group were all so supportive of one another and we all worked together as a team on the many chores associated with cooking, cleaning and feeding such a large group. The instructors there were some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. I will forever be inspired by these people and the shared experiences we had.
     After the gathering I was afforded the opportunity to spend yet more time in the desert with with an amazing group as we hiked and camped in such places as Sabino canyon and some of the high country around the Superstition mountains and the Tonto national forest. I will be forever changed from my experience sleeping high up in a native cliff dwelling (one that is not normally seen by tourists nor is it easy to get to).
     Our natural state of being is to be toxin free , spiritually awake, aware of our true self and our creative abilities and conduct our lives from a place of pure unconditional love. Unconditional love is when you have genuine love for your fellow spiritual beings ( we are all spiritual beings of light). This is not to be misunderstood for allowing those on a lower vibrational plane to "walk all over us" or allow ourselves to be used, abused or controlled . It is simply loving them where they are and wishing the best for them while maintaining  forward motion on our own personal journey.
    ​  In my search I have come across the practice of water only fasting, dry fasting, OMA (one meal a day) fasting and breatharianism. Water only fasting is when you only consume water, preferably distilled, for a period of time. Dry fasting is when you consume "Nothing", no water no food, no minerals. No water touches your skin, no showers or baths, no washing hands, no brushing teeth for a designated period of time. One meal a day fasting is pretty self explanatory, usually consumed in the evenings. Breatharians are known to not eat or drink anything , ever. However, modern breatharians do consume food and drink on occasion for social reasons as well as for occasional personal pleasure.
     The idea is to remind the body that it can thrive on pranic energy ( energy from the sun and atmosphere). As the plant gets its energy from the sun and soil, so do we use the energy from the sun and atmosphere. There is a method for this as it takes time, practice and disipline to achieve. The digestive system has to be shut down completely for it to do its healing otherwise, you will be in starvation mode.
     When we shut down our digestive system, we allow our body to switch modes of operation. It is able to begin cleaning house, so to speak. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, it targets what is most prevalent and begins to eliminate weak or diseased cells, human growth hormone production increases and the process of rejuvenation and restoration begins. It has been reported that old scars on the skin have vanished, toe nail fungus disapeared, diabetes gone away, cancer eliminated and much more after extended periods of water only and /or dry fasting.
     It is different for everyone but, it is hardest in the beginning as we are so full of toxins and bad habits. We are addicted to food and we have been taught to eat three meals a day minimum. When we change our habits and skip a few meals we will feel hungry due, in part, to the ghrelin hormone and the micro organisms in our bodies that want to feed off of carbs. Through fasting, we can get rid of these negative micro organisms and begin maintaining the positive ones.
      If you are interested in learning more, you should check out the folks at Follow their youtube channel! You can also look up Dr. Jason Fung.
      I have done several 3 and 4 day water only fasts and a few dry fasts of 3 and 4 days but, my longest fast so far has been having only two small meals over a 15 day period. After the fifth day, I was no longer getting hungry and my energy levels were off the charts! I had little need for sleep and I felt better than I had in years. This goes back to how our ancestors lived through periods of feast and famine as they needed energy to hunt and gather ( and flee from predators) and then , once they had food enough, they would feast. They couldn't store much food as nomadic travelers from day to day until the time when they learned to cultivate food sources and learned to preserve things.
     So, now to explain the "rainbows and unicorns" part of the title. Through my exploration of a more natural way of life and the many things I have learned spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially I have went from being a person who reacts to my surroundings and looking for happiness externally to a person who sees what I want on a spiritual level, feel the emotion of having it and then believing that it is. In this way ,that which is not becomes manifest into that which is.  Romans 4:17
     Jesus said (John 14:12) that the things he can do we can do also. I am still learning, my journey has just begun but I must say...Life is easy when you find your natural self.
     I have learned to appreciate the quiet, I have learned to quiet my mind with meditation and get closer to the divine within me ( God dwells within us. 1 Corinthians 3:16 & 2 Corinthians 13:5). Inspiration from the divine comes in those moments of No Thought. Its like an idea or image comes out of no where, out of left field as it were. Follow those impulses that come out of nowhere even if they seem insignificant; they may be the beginning of something great! I did this on my trip to Wintercount last year. It is a seven day primitive skills gathering, I was carpooling with a friend and the day we arrived at camp she had to return home. Now, I could have just went home too but, I felt that it was a synchronicity, an unexpected opportunity that I must take and trust where it would lead. So I stayed there and would figure out how to get back home later. This event turned into two months of the most amazing and life changing adventure that I have had thus far!
    ​  So Get tuned in, tapped in and turned on, believe that you can have the life you desire, come from a place of pure love and every day will be an amazing adventure of self discovery and manifestation. A world of rainbows and unicorns....
     If you are interested in diving deeper down the rabbit hole, I can suggest further resources for you or I can offer personal one on one or group nature trips where you can unplug and get tuned in while hiking, kayaking, or just socializing. Contact me if you are ready to discover a more natural way!